Saturday, 22 August 2009


My gift for my parents 50 years anniversary is done, and with almost one week to spare. It is one huge log cabin block (my first ever actually) made from 2 ½” scraps and an 8”*8” picture in the centre. It went together nice and easily. Quilting the picture however, gave me some headache. Did you know that you can’t “unquilt” a printed picture without leaving quite noticeable holes? Well, I didn’t, so there they are!
This pillow is very quick and easy to make; no zipper, no buttonholes, no binding.

The front:
Make a quilt top as large as the pillow form + a little extra for seam allowances and shrinkage during quilting.
Quilt it. I use a soft thin and rather firm polyester batting and no backing to keep the softness. Cut away any extra batting, and measure the front.

The back:Cut a piece of backside fabric as wide as the front. From this fabric you cut two pieces; the first length ca 2/3 of the length of the front. Lay it on top of the front and measure the 1/3 gap. The second length should be the gap + overlap; length depending of the size of the pillow; the larger size, the bigger the overlap. (8-9 “ is suitable for a 20” pillow).
Make a double fold in the long sides on both pieces; press and sew it down.

The pillow:Layer the front and largest backside piece, fronts together. If the front has a top and bottom side like mine, the first piece should be on the top. Pin along the 3 outer edges. Layer the second piece, and pin.
Sew around the whole pillow; I sew mine with the batting up to make sure the seam allowance is consistent. I also zigzag around the edges so it can withstand washing.
Turn the pillowcase, press the seams, slip the pillow form in, and you’re done!

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