Friday, 14 August 2009


Puuuuh; the last boxes and bags have been moved from daughter’s old apartment to the new. It’s totally chaotic over there, but she prefers to organize everything herself; so good for her! They have been staying here for a while, and as their stuff is clearing out of our house, I am starting to move some of my own stuff as well.

My sewing space is so cramped, that I do all my designing and cutting on the dining room table. I’ll have to say it doesn’t do very much for our social life (like wining and dining with friends or family) so I can see some excavating of the table in the near future.

These two boxes are grandson’s favourite quilting stuff (the only ones he gets to play with and I do clear out anything sharp and sit right next to him when he plays with them; I’m not crazy!). The tool box is a cheap one from a hardware store (Clas Ohlson) with two layers of compartments that keep all kinds of stuff together and is very handy to bring to workshops or classes.

And the button box? What can I say - I love buttons.

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