Sunday, 16 August 2009


I am not a notion girl! I rarely buy new notions. It has been years since I bought new cutting tools (well except for some new rotary cutters that I needed; really!), but I had been drooling over the rotating cutting mats from Olfa since I first saw the 12”one. However, the 12” seemed a little on the small side for my use, so I passed. When the 17” mat came, the drooling was back on, and finally, last week I received mine from Hancocks of Paducah with lots of other stuff. It was like Christmas! Usually I try to stay under the NOK 200 (somewhere between 30 and 40 USD depending on the current exchange rate) limit to avoid the Norwegian VAT, but this time I just let go and filled that shopping cart with all of my heart’s desires.

These fabrics are the result from the shopping spree at Hancocks and a quick visit to my local quilt shop, Kreaktiv. I usually shop for my stash, very rarely for a specific project. This time I needed to fill up on my neutrals (never use a lot of them, maybe because I don’t have that many), and the oranges an purples, well I just love them! The ball fabric is for grandson, although I’m not sure what to make yet. I’m thinking of a pillow and/or a bag for carrying his stuff to and from day care. He is totally in love with footballs (or soccer to some of you), so he would love anything I make with the fabric. I also have a “Cars”-fabric that I got for him, so maybe a little of this and a little of that…

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