Monday, 28 September 2009

Binding by the mile

I have attached (what feels like) miles and miles of binding this last week, trying to get some of the quilts that needs finishing done. Now I have something to keep my hands busy watching TV for the next few months or so; well, besides blogging and eating double 0 (fat free, sugar free) yoghurt for supper, you know.

Making binding is not my favourite part of quilting, so I make a few extra yards when I’m already cutting and ironing some anyway (tutorial here). Running another yard or two or five through the bias tape maker does not take that long when you’re already ironing, but the benefit is great.

I now have a Big Bag of Binding full of different coloured binding to choose from, most of them ready to use. Some are long enough to bind a large quilt; others are just scraps that I at some point will piece together for smaller or scrappy quilts. Lots of fabrics I don’t really like that much (great for binding though) also make it into my bag together with leftover 1 1/2 “ strips.

It’s kind of having an extra bank account; time is money, isn’t it?


  1. great assortment of colors. yes, it is like having an extra banking account. I haven't done this with bindings but sometimes I make extra blocks or small pieces to use later.

  2. Wow what a wonderful idea. If I ever get that far I will remember that hint. I am so glad I found you. You are my resource person now. I went to art class today. We have been learning to do folk santas on wooden spoons, gourds, ornaments etc. Pretty nice to know. Man I never knew something so small took so many colors of paint.

  3. I also have a bag of binding....leftovers from other quilts. I save them for binding on scrap quilts. I also thought they might be good for a string quilt project.