Saturday, 26 September 2009

35 years & a food mixer

35 years ago I got my left hand into a food mixer at school; don’t ask me how; the mixer started before it should, and it took the teacher 45 minutes to get the hand out. Anyway, this spring a bone fragment that was undiscovered all those years ago, started acting up and pinching a nerve or something. The x-rays showed that it’s jammed into a joint somewhere between my index- and middle finger. I can’t say getting the hand into the mixer was a pleasure, but it surely hurt this summer as well. I got to use these very cool finger straps for weeks, but the hand was still pretty much unusable. Well, I could use the thumb, but it still was kind of depressing.

What I usually do when I’m down? I quilt.

Now, I could not use a ruler and cutter, and precision piecing was out of the question anyway, so I got some yarns to play with instead. You’ve got to do something, right? I set some rules for myself: I would not unpick anything, just add to the pieces (I find that keeping some experiments that do not turn out so great, reminds me what not to do). I prepared some foundations - small sandwiches with scraps of batting basted together with scraps of fabric. After the yarn was in place, I added some fine tulle, and used free motion quilting to keep everything in place.

These yarns are incredible. Each skein is made from lots of different strands of yarns in different shades and textures, just knotted together. The first two test pieces were made from these yarns.

The very first; I tried making a binding from one of the yarns; not very successful though, but hey, no unpicking

This one actually turned out great

I got some more yarn, and added some scraps of fabric

These pieces are missing something; maybe some beads?
(Seriously, what's wrong with my camera??)

Now that I finally have two working hands, the quilts have been finished, bindings and all. That’s 4 UFOs done, although they were not on my list.


  1. Hello Mrs. M. I am so glad you stopped by my neck of the woods. Did you find my humble attempts at quilts? I should have done a lap quilt but no, I bought a ready cut set and am just putting it all together as one, just like the directions said. I had hoped to do one for each child,(6) but don't think I will probably live that long. No I am not dying, just old. Your UFO, or whatever they are, are beautiful. I see you have a lot of help on your blog, so I will put you on my list also and take off some of the others that are into different things. I see so many blogs I like I can't keep up with them all. Thanks again.

  2. I like what you've done with that yarn. You should do a tutorial!

  3. They are lovely – I really like your flowers. Sorry for you pain, but something great came out of it!

  4. These are beautiful! And particularly impressive due to your difficulties with your hand.

  5. Wow! These flowers are so cute. I agree, you should do a tutorial for those of us who would like to try this. Can't believe you did it with the pain in your hand.

  6. This one is my favourite , it is in the style of Rennie Mckintosh--cottonreel