Saturday, 19 September 2009


I’m really enjoying this whole blogging experience! I find that it inspires me in so many ways, both through blogging about my own life and work, and through all the nice new people I have met out here.

I bought both of Diane from Craftypod
's ebooks, Making a Great Blog and Creating a Blog Audience to get some advice on how to approach this blogging thing. Diane has both a wonderful blog and a great podcast, so I was positive she would have some great insights, and so she did. She even gave me feedback on my blog and some really helpful advice on how to create links after I emailed her to say thanks for her great work.

You can download the Craftypod podcast through Craftypod
, or through iTunes (which you can download here).

Got to go now; have to create links in all my old posts!

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