Monday, 21 September 2009

UFO challenge

I joined my very first cyber space UFO challenge over at Finn’s at Pieces from my scrap bag yesterday. I have signed up for 5 finished UFOs by New Year's Eve. I’m not quite sure how it all works yet, but I guess I’ll figure it out.

The projects I’m going to finish are not the ones I had in my mind yesterday. Rummaging through my sewing space, and doing some tidying at the same time, I discovered some long forgotten UFOs. The one I really did want to finish for a charity my guild is supporting, was nowhere to be found.

These UFOs made my list:

Lots of little yellow ones
Except for Christmas cards, I hardly ever make 2 quilts from the same deign. I was teaching a mystery workshop last March, and designed these little chicken (or duckling if you like, I don’t mind) table runners.
I had so much fun playing with the triangles, that I made 3 different versions. I finished 2 of them for the workshop, and had the 3rd partly made for demonstration. The last top got finished; it just needs a little quilting, maybe some appliqué, and a binding.
It was our guild’s first mystery workshop, and so much fun, even though many found choosing fabrics from just my guidelines and examples was challenging.

You can get a pattern here, and have a look at Rita at Ritas lille verden’s fabric choices, workshop report, and fabulous finished quilt.

Warhol Angels
I inked a stack of 24 angel blocks last fall. I was going to use them for Christmas cards, but loved them so much, that I kept them. I apparently did not love them so much that I finished a quilt, but there will be Christmas this year too. Somewhere there is a sketch with a brilliant idea how to put them together with sashings and stuff…

This was a quilting test piece which I intended for an appliqué background. I have changed my mind though. Inspired by Marit at Quilt it's Snow white quilt, which she uses as a back drop when photographing small quilts, I’ll just put a white satin binding on it, and use it as a background for photographs.

The grief quilt
This was supposed to my grief quilt when I started it the summer of 2008. While I was working, the quilt turned out much happier that I expected, and so did I. I love quilting therapy; the outcome never stop surprising me.
I used the appliquéd shape for some lovely little quilts with my favourite saying. I’ll post a picture and pattern later; I have to go to one of the recipients to get a proper picture.

My innermost space
My first and last paper piecing experiment which I found incredible boring after a while. I really like the design though, so I do want to finish it. Maybe if I break the rest of the piecing down to one round per day, it won’t be so tedious.

These squares are from charm packs I got years back. I cut them to size, and made 7 columns with 19 squares in each. I think I’ll cut the columns in half, and just sew them together. There are lots of wonderful fabrics, so it would make a nice charity quilt.

Oh, was that 6? Well, I want them all done…


  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to drop by to say thank you for the comments on my blog. I can't respond to the comments though, because your email is set to "NO Reply" meaning no one can answer you back. If you would like to me run through the steps to change that on your blogger dashboard, just let me know. Anyway, I'm glad I stopped by your blog, it's wonderful and I've just become a follower!
    Take care,

  2. I like your grief quilt and have always said that quilting is my mental health/therapy.
    AND I really like those simple squares...enjoy all your ufos!

  3. i love all these different little pieces of you.