Thursday, 10 September 2009

Kaffe Fassett

Tomorrow I’ll be attending a lecture with Kaffe Fassett. He’s teaching a workshop on Saturday, which I’ll unfortunately miss. However, I was so fortunate to attend one of his and Brandon Mably’s workshops 6 years ago, and it was great! I had to travel through half the country to get there, but it was well worth the time and money (I have only attended 3 quilting workshops/classes ever, so…).

I have been a fan of his work way before neither he (as far as I know) nor I was quilting, so I have lots of his knitting, needlepoint and inspiration books. Even though my home is predominantly different shades of grey (except of my art, pillows and quilts of course), I love his warm and wonderful mix of colours and patterns.
This is the quilt I started in the workshop (oops, just a little bit windy outside today). We designed one quarter on pieces of flannel, pinned all the pieces down, and took it home to finish the rest of the quilt and sew it all together. My quilt was supposed to be red, but, well, it’s orange. It’s called “Autumn evening with Kaffe” (Kaffe means coffee in Norwegian).

The blue rows were Kaffe and Brandon’s idea, and make all the warm, rich colours really pop.

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  1. This quilt is quite lovely. The blue rows really do add a wow factor. My maiden name is Moen so I was quite happy to see your blog. Moen is not a common name where I live.