Saturday, 12 September 2009

Kick start fabric

Choose a multicoloured fabric that you like. These fabrics are all good kick start fabrics

Take a look at the small dots at the selvage or the print itself, and try to match the colours. Close enough is close enough; if you have trouble matching a colour, it will be less noticeable if you use several fabrics in the same colour range. Group colours like “reds”, or “tans” or “blues” and make sure you have lots of different values and textures. If you have another multicoloured fabric that fit – throw it in the mix. If there is too many – take some away.

Using the kick start fabrics to the right above; I first chose greens

Then oranges and yellows

There is a lot of white background in the fabric, so I added a few fabrics with white

Then pinks

Here is the whole range

And some more examples

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  1. ooo. thanks for this. very useful having someone somehow 'detail' a way to match fabric. i never thought of how colour matching could work in an 'organised' way
    - thanks for the comment too on my quilt for the quilt festival.

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