Sunday, 6 September 2009

Welcome home, honey!

After more than 3 years my quilt has returned home. It has been a part of the European Quilt Association’s Suitcase (well, more like a cardboard box) exhibition “Hot & Cold”, and has travelled through Europe for 3 years. It was the first quilt I ever sent out in the world, and it’s so nice to have it back.

The challenge from the 17 national quilt associations (that make up EQA) to their members was: Make a quilt 60*60cm with the theme Hot & Cold.
All the quilts were shown together at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England August 2006, and then distributed (one quilt from each country) in 17 suitcases, one to each country, and then swapped once a year.

A file has accompanied each quilt where all the places it has been shown have been noted, even with some nice comments from some countries. My quilt has travelled the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Denmark. It even von two prizes at exhibitions: a judged competition in Scotland, and a visitor’s choice in England. I feel like a proud mother!

Some quilts are not easy to make though…

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  1. For en flott quilt. Skjønner godt du er glad for å ha den hjemme igjen.