Thursday, 3 September 2009

Big & Sore

2/3 into the first week of the program:
I have muscles! I have muscles I don’t even have a slightest recollection of ever being there before! Why I know? Oh, I can feel them!
But anyway; so far, so good; the people are really nice, and it feels good (exhausting, but nevertheless well) just to have started. The best thing is that we are in this thing together, each with our own challenges and goals. I’ll have to admit that I had to tell myself “this is as bad as it’s going to get” a couple of times our first time in the gym, but it felt great afterwards. I would have preferred to take a nap when I came home, but grandson kept me up and running until I finally could put both him and myself to bed. I bet spending a few hours with him has as good impact on my health and blood sugar level as any other kind of exercise!

Yesterday I went to pick him up from day-care in my very flattering (!) exercise outfit, and loved to say “oh, I have just been working out”! I met with my wonderful, small (AKA The Nameless; well, that’s my name, the other 7 have their own names for it as we have not been able to come up with a real name) quilting group in the afternoon, and I had to get up from the chair more than ever to walk around and stretch my back, but I understand that’s good for you anyway.
And at last: good tidings from the doctor this morning! I don’t have to start testing my blood sugar level myself yet, he thinks it is very likely that I‘ll get the diabetes under control through the Big & Strong program. Taking control does feel good!!

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  1. Good for you looking after your health! I enjoyed looking at your blog. I love angels too! Regards, Nessie