Monday, 19 October 2009

Finish it; week two

Second update on my Finish it! project “If I lay here”. You can read about Nicole’s challenge here.

More quilting done! The background is almost finished; it’s just a little bit left on the top. I’m using 4 different shades of grey as it was impossible to match the grey I already had. You know the rule: if you can’t match a colour exactly, just add several kind-of-matching-colours, and it will all work out. It really does!

I started quilting the black area yesterday. I did not want to use black thread, so I chose a rather dark green. I tried out several different ways of stitching, but none of them were right, so I decided to use the same stitches I used in the background.

First I was thinking dark red for the eyes, but I’m afraid it will look evil. Maybe purple?

I am regretting my choice of backing fabric. As this was just an experiment, I grabbed a dark red fabric with gold angels, and basted it to the back. Now that I spend so much time and work on it, I wish I had used a nicer fabric; I’m quite attached to this piece.

I still leave a threaded needle in the project so that I’m ready to sew a few stitches whenever I have time...