Sunday, 18 October 2009

Woollen WIP

Looking for a new hand sewing piece, I started on one of the woollen tubes from this post. I started knitting them for making bags, so why not make a bag? My intention was always to embellish the wool with, well, something, so I dug out a few scraps in colours that would go with the pinkish centre.

I love appliqu├ęd circles, so using an egg cup as a template; I drew small circles onto fusible web. Fusible web does not really adhere very well to wool, but at least it makes the shapes crisp and keeps the fabric from unravelling.

First I free motion embroidered the circles down using the machine; then added hand stitching around the edges using pearl cotton thread. I just loved working with the different textures, so by the end of the day it was all finished and no more hand sewing left to do.

I have made the lining, so now I only need a pinkish fabric for handles and a binding to cover the raw edges on the top, which will unravel if they are not finished in some way. Having only made one bag before, I wanted some easy pockets inside, so I made a 5”-ish pleat in the lining fabric, ironed the folds, and sew a seam in the middle of the pleat and both edges. Voila – 2 pockets.

My parents are visiting this weekend, and they always love seeing what I’m working on. Mom fell in love with this bag and really, really wants it for Christmas, so I’ll have to start working on another one…


  1. It looks great! I think anyone would love one.

  2. Denne var lekker - fine detaljer.

  3. Oh man does that look complicated to me. Of course you are an expert. So pleased we can share that craft with you. Thank you.

  4. This is a gorgeous bag to be! And so clever to make pockets that way!

    Sorry to say, the first link in your post doesn’t work...

  5. Wow, just love those circles, you are a very talented lady and I love your blog.

  6. These look so nice. Those circles are really wonderful and the contrast on the wool is great.

  7. What a clever way to do those flowery circles!
    And I also wanted to say I really like the piece behind your title -- so whimsical.

  8. This is so pretty! Will you be showing the finished bag? What a great idea!