Thursday, 1 October 2009

UFO numero des

Another UFO on the list finished; making progress…

The last “Lots of little yellow ones” is finally done. Poor little birds; being stashed away like that, but now 2 of them will have new homes by spring (oh yes; I will keep one for myself, just not sure which one I want the most).

Approaching fall, it has been wonderful working with some light, spring like fabrics for a few days again. Here are the other little birdies from this spring (pattern here):

I brought this and some of my other UFOs to a little sew-together on Sunday, hoping to finish them. Our guild had been asked by our landlord to be a part of an anniversary celebration. Sure; always nice to get together for a few hours; lots of laughs with quilting buddies and getting some work done at the same time; what’s not to like?

What’s not to like? 7 of us dragged our sewing machines, WIPs, quilts for a little exhibition (you all know how much stuff you drag to these things); set up tables and machines, and hung our quilts. Then a band arrived. Oh, right, double booking.

The name of the band sounded like 5 guys and a guitar, so, OK. No such luck though! It took almost a hour to get all their stuff in, keyboards, all kinds of drums, amplifiers, huuuge speakers, and the doors were wide open all the time. Some of the quilts had to be taken down, because they were in their way; and we had to move our work area to keep our ability to hear.

I’ll put it this way: While it was impossible to get any work done for 2 of the 4 hours we spent together, we have the memories of our most surreal sewing experience ever. I’m glad I did not know how the whole thing was going to turn out, because then I would have chosen not to be there, and would have missed out on the fun!


  1. Your ducks are so cute. Always fun to make something for yourself but always more fun to give away and see the delight on others faces. The fabrics you got in the mail look like fun to work with. Can't wait to see what you will make with them.

    Thank you for your comments too. Glad to know someone is reading besides my family.

  2. I am so proud for you, getting all the UFOs done. I am just not feeling good after that aura yesterday and can't get going. Your posts are so encouraging.

  3. Sometimes some of the best things that happen are totally unexpected. Your progress with your ufos (which look great) are inspiring me to finish some of my own.

  4. Takk for kommentaren i bloggen min :-) Flott blogg du har - fine løpere og så deilig og få unna noen ufoer.