Monday, 5 October 2009

"Urban Christmas"

My third workshop quilt is done. It’s a “julepost” – a wall hanging with a pocket for Christmas cards, although the fabrics are not typical Christmas, so it can be displayed through the whole winter.

The pocket is made of vinyl, and was just a little bit of a struggle to cut and attach. The vinyl is made (at least sold) for making bags, and comes in a roll with anything but straight edges.

I used a rotary cutter for cutting the vinyl rectangles, but no matter what I did, the corners were never 90 degrees, so I stopped fussing and stitched them to the finished quilts.

A piece of advice (I had to think about this for a while); when piecing vinyl, use masking tape to hold all sides down, and remove it inch by inch as you sew using a walking foot. The vinyl was a bit stretchy, so I had to pick up a few stitches leaving those annoying holes again.

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  1. A roller foot does the trick when sewing vinyl. OR you can place invisible scotch tape on the underside of your foot ... helps it go smoothly. Another is to use tissue paper top and bottom ... I don't care too much for this idea because you have to pick out the paper.

    I use to make clear vinyl bags. One using vinyl and candy wrappers I made for my GS to carry his things to Mass.

    I can't wait for the patterns ... I love everyone of them. thanks.