Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Art class no. 4

The fourth art class was a lot of fun. Supposed to be working on the three pieces from the previous classes, I did some more damage to the one I will never finish, then moved on to a couple of new ones.

This one looked violet while I was painting, but turned out pink, pink, pink when it dried. While I was planning how to soften all the pink a little bit, the teacher thought it was great and showed me all the little diamonds that were hiding around. I had no idea I was that brilliant:-)

The second painting was an assignment. The teacher brought lots of little pictures for inspiration, and we were to interpret our choice any way we wanted to. Apparently using the same shape, size and colour is frowned upon in acrylic painting circles, the total opposite of the quilting circles. Oh, well…

1 comment:

  1. Great color and movement. The diamonds were an added bonus. When my daughter took art classes she never started with the same concept your teacher is using. She started with landscapes. I have several of her paintings in my home. Of course, she has asked for some of them back and I guess I'll have to give in and give some of them to her for her home now.

    I love all the ironed and cut fabrics. Can't wait to see the finished projects.