Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Building Site No 1

The third weekly update on my Finish It! project:

The first village is moving on from building site to an almost finished community. I found another filler fabric, black with white dots, which looks like snow. I come from a part of the country where Christmas is always white, so I can’t help myself:-)

The rows of houses are done, but I cut the heaven strip too short, so I’ll have to cut another one. Fortunately I have lots of this fabulous fabric. I have used only 22 of the 36 houses or the table runner would be way too long for any of our tables.

You'll find my house tutorial here.


  1. You found the perfect fabric with the white dots for snow! The houses look nice and crisp.

  2. This is really looking nice. I love the black and white fabric you have chosen. I'm off to check out that tutorial!

  3. Your fabrics are wonderful! Great little houses.