Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Building villages

Remember my new Finish it! project; all the 4 ½” strips of fabric? This week I have started making super simple house shapes from them. You’ll find a tutorial for making the houses here. I have made 36 houses so far, enough for a long table runner, and played a little bit with filler fabric. The cool thing with these shapes (in addition to being super easy to make) is that the white triangles will be a part of the background if you use the same fabric as filler, and snowy roofs if you use other fabric.

White fabric

Light blue with white swirly things (doesn’t it look like it’s snowing; well, it probably would if it was ironed...)
Dark grey with dots (doesn’t it look like it’s snowing at night?)
Black with gold swirly lines
Black and white stripes

I’ll have to make a lot of villages…


  1. What wonderful villages!!! Thank you for sharing your process. I have to say they are all great. I am not sure but I am a bit attracted to the rows with the black and white stripes. Have a great day.

  2. Love your houses. Great tutorial too. I think I'm partial to the black and white stripes. Really sets it off.

  3. Wonderful sight. Thank makes a great image for a runner.

  4. This looks like a great project. The black and white stripes really make it pop.

  5. Nina you are so creative. This is a great project!