Monday, 9 November 2009

UFO progress

I’m slowly making some progress in my pile of UFOs, but somehow it seems like another one surfaces as soon as I get one finished. How many of them are actually lurking around out there??

This is a very simple, little table topper, "Purple squares", made from leftover squares from a bunch of table runners which I made a couple of years ago. It just needed a border and finishing. I ran out of the purple thread I was using for quilting half way through, and threw out the empty spool without looking at the colour number. I used another purple thread to finish figuring that if I could not see the difference, nobody else would either.

I decided that it needed something blue to cool it down a bit, and added a solid blue binding from my Big Bag of Binding. Not quite sure I’m too happy with the result, but the blue binding is here to stay anyway.

I have heard Norway is the only country where purple is the colour for advent. How strange!

The Warhol angel quilt is moving along (not a great picture...). It has borders and as of yesterday it’s pin basted. I forgot how tedious pin basting is, and how sore your fingers get, but I‘m using a very soft polyester batting which is impossible to baste using glue as the layers shift.

My squares quilt rests peacefully waiting for a second date with the seam ripper. I finished it by folding the fleece backing to the front and sew it down - 3 times - without noticing that the ¼” seam allowance was quite a bit less than ¼”. Daughter loves it, so I will finish it, but I ‘m not sure whether I will do the fleece folded binding again, or just add a regular one. I do love the fleece edge though.


  1. I love the purple. What kind of batting did you use for the little table topper?

  2. I love your colors on the purple quilt. Doesn't it feel good to get some of those UFOs finished?

  3. Love the purple table topper. Love finishing UFOs too. I also have a big bag of bindings that I keep looking at and pulling pieces from for bindings. I haven't tried a fleece binding yet, however, my friend has me bind her minkie quilts and they are so soft and cuddly. Kids really love them.