Tuesday, 15 December 2009

All is calm

Yeah, right…

My 28 little quilted Christmas cards, "All Is Calm 1-28", are done, and will soon be gone. I keep one for myself, and the rest are shared with family and friends. They are all signed and numbered on the white backing.

Each appliqué cut out made one positive and one negative shape so half of the quilts have dark houses and trees, the other half have light houses and trees.
I did the quilting before I added the backing, sew them right sides together, and then turned them. Usually I would use my ¼” foot around the edges, but I wanted a narrower seam on these, and I cannot adjust the needle position with my ¼” foot. Instead I used my new in-the-ditch-foot. I adjusted the needle position a few beeps, and used the guide at the edge. Worked like a charm.

I did not measure the envelopes before I started cutting the fabrics, so I had to cut the length on most of them. Unfortunately I lost a little of the design in the process.
I used these ornament-hanging-things as hanging device. They are made from brass, and will probably stain a bit.

Well, this is a Christmas card, not a museum piece, and will probably be fine. Earlier years I have used safety pins, fancy paper clips (I had these amazing Keith Haring clips which lasted for 3 rounds of Christmas cards), metallic rings from the hardware store, and jewellery making rings. This year I found these in my craft room; really timesaving as there is no sewing required, you just slip them in between the stitches.


  1. WOW ! They are pretty! This is a very nice design, and a super nice card to receive. And you made 28 of them - very impressive, very inspirational. Next year, maybe I can try some homemade quilted cards too. Thank you for sharing, they are so lovely ; )

  2. Another great idea. One looks like a calm morning and the other looks like a sleepy night. I may have to borrow this idea next year....of course I would have to start in January!

  3. You are so creative! I would never of thought to make quilted Christmas cards. These are so wonderful! I'll have to remember this for next year. I know this might be a silly question, but what type of envelope do you use to send them? Thanks for sharing :o)

  4. What a great idea! I'm sure they will be treasured.

  5. What lovely cards. Your family and friend are very fortunate!! I just love your designs. I look forward to your posts. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  6. Oh wow, these are truly amazing.

  7. What a great idea! I just love to see the way your brain works! You are so amazing! I wish you would have posted this at Subversive Stitchers when I asked for examples of what cards people are making. Of course you have your own blog.... I just love the way you think! And what results. Beautiful

    An excellent example of Christmas card art if you will. :)


  8. Oh, I love these!!! What a beautiful idea. The 28 lucky recipients must be thrilled to receive them each year. I like that you number them as well. Merry Christmas!!