Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Pair of Pink Projects

Two more finishes to cross off the to-do-list:

The belly quilt
Remember 35 weeks down, 5 to go post? Writing it I remembered that I did start on a pink version for daughter, and decided to finish it as a little Christmas present. Grandson is 2 ½, so it was long overdue.To those of you that were so kind to ask for a pattern, I will finish it, but there is just not enough time before the holidays. However, I understand that time will exist on the other side of the 24th of December, although it does not feel like it right now.

The Pink Snowman
is a wall hanging from the Mix & Match for Christmas pattern, and is also for daughter. Yes, she does love pink. I use most of my pink fabrics for her quilts, but I really should use it more, it’s such a pretty, clean colour, and looks fabulous together with grey. She has seen this one as I had to ask if she wanted the vinyl pocket, which she did not. I’m not used to making the same quilt twice, but working on several projects in different colour ways has actually been fun. I’m amazed how different they look even though the design is the same.

The third thing I’m happy to cross off my list, is deciding on a design for the class I will teach in March. I really need to start working on the samples soon, and having a design in mind sure does help. As my brain is buzzing with ideas and fabric combos, I still have a lot of baking and cleaning to do before my parents arrive. I would, for instance, love to see if the kitchen table is still under the pile of fabric and stuff I washed last weekend. It would also be nice for parents to have beds to sleep in, so I will be off to IKEA first thing Monday morning. I hope I can make it through the Christmas decoration department without being tempted; we’re running out of storage space…


  1. You are quite busy, preparing for guests and finishing projects! Love your designs, and it is nice to see them in different color-ways.

  2. The snowman looks good in pink. What fun to have family around for Christmas. I really quite enjoy all the preparations and cooking, but maybe not the cleaning.

  3. Pink and grey are a good combination and one I often don't think of. I'm always impressed with all of your accomplishments.

  4. I love the 5 weeks to go quilt. I have never seen anything like that!

  5. the snowman looks in colors that I often don´t think of,but it`s so cute n it.Congtats,you`re quite busy with all the things you have to do.

    Happy holidays!!

  6. These are so lovely! And as always, I love the pregnant belly wall hanging! I just found out over the weekend, that I am pregnant with baby #3!! That is a huge surprise!! Life will be soo insane soon...

  7. How cute to do the snowman quilt in pink!!! I absolutely adore the 35 weeks down, 5 to go quilt. Very unique!!! I would be interested in the pattern...I am way past that stage personally and my kids aren't there yet, but I am sure I could find someone to make it for! Thanks.