Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Quilty Goodies

I was so lucky to receive some quilty goodies for Christmas.

Christmas at the guild is always fun; and I got some lovely cards from my friends

Liv Kirsten who also gave me a wonderful glass pendant (which I wore at Christmas), napkins and a candle.
Marit at Quilt It gave me a fat quarter of the perfect Christmas fabric. I had been drooling over her fabulous Snowmen projects, and now I can make my own:-)

And from the guild a poppy bag, tissues and 2 spools of thread.We were struggling financially for a long time, but now our economy is great due to an event we hosted in 2008. It was so much fun picking out the presents this year, not having to come up with ideas that would cost next to nothing. Thus being said, coming up with non-expensive ideas did stretch our imagination and creativity, which I’ll get back to in a separate post.

I got some wonderful fabrics from my sister and nieces. I love to receive fabrics as gifts; I find that it expands my palette. Working with other people’s fabric choices can be a challenge, and it’s stretching my comfort zone, which always is a good thing.

I also received the new book by Mary Lou Weidman, which I ordered a while back, and with it came a surprise piece of fabric. Mary Lou is one of my favourite quilt book authors, I love her story telling. Even though I have not really been “in the box” quilting wise (self taught and really never bothered with all the supposed-tos, just happily quilting along), but I enjoy a quilt book that I can read, and not just browse through.


  1. Your cards are just lovely and your bag will be put to good use, I'm sure.

    I too love to receive fabrics as gifts. It's always fun to find a place to use them.

    I'll have to check out that book as I haven't heard about it before.

  2. Love your sweet cards! Very creative.

  3. so many nice gifts!
    I love MaryLou too...but don't have that book yet.

  4. You are a very loved. They are all wonderful gifts.

  5. Such wonderful gifts. Love them all, but the cards are really just delightful!


  6. The cards are so wonderful and creative. The book looks like a really good one. It's always a little sad when Christmas is over, the fun of family and friends has slowed down and the meals and goodies are over. But you'll have some fun fabrics, gifts and a book to enjoy. Happy New Year.

  7. I love the postcard I received from you!

    ; )

    Takk for det gamle!

  8. These are all great gifts! Your guild must be quite a lot of fun!

  9. Lucky lady, enjoy . --cottonreel

  10. What beautiful cards you received and nice fabric, too! We always silk-screen our own cards, but next year I would like to make some special fabric ones...did you arrange an exchange group online?

  11. Nina you received some great gifts and cards. I too love MaryLou. She has such an artistic site.

  12. Such fun gifts! Wonderful! I love those cards! I must learn how to do that too! I wish you a Very Happy New Year!!

  13. Så mange fine kort du har fått.
    Ønsker deg et Godt Nytt År