Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Finished Hearts

I have finished two of the hearts I started for the Make A Heart tutorial a couple of weeks ago.

“Fragile Heart”This is the sample with the silver grey tulle which makes the colours a little toned down. The heart is made with 3 rounds of yarn, which I decided was enough.

“Heart as White as Snow”This is the sample with the red tulle. The colour was so vibrant that I used 5 rounds of yarn. If you have read the tutorial, you will remember that I had to remove lots stretched yarn from the not-so-flat-anymore background. Well, I ripped it off, and added new yarn.

I have added simple regular bindings to both these little quilts.

Dawn at Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles will be doing a heart post for Valentines, and has posted a link to my heart tutorial. Pop over and meet some of her amazing Subversive Stitchers.


  1. Jeg er så imponert over hva du får til Nina Lise.
    Nå gleder jeg meg til "Kule Fugler".
    Må tenke litt før jeg klarer å bestemme meg for hvem jeg skal sy. Alle er jo like fine.

  2. Beautiful! I love this pattern and am so glad you shared it with us.

  3. I enjoyed the tutorial a few days ago and it's lovely to see the finished heart - less the stitches that had to go! Lovely x

  4. Nina, this is darling! I think I'll make one for my honey, thanks for the idea! :D

  5. Nina, these are really beautiful. I will have to check out the tutorial. Do you know the blog 'Love stitching red'? I think you would like it.

  6. Lovely.


  7. Well! I am absolutely loving that particular shade of RED! Beautiful heart piece. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and good luck in my giveaway!