Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Heart Quilt quilted

Still on schedule, the Heart Quilt is quilted. It’s only vertical in-the-ditch-ish lines, but still it’s quilted. I used the in-the-ditch presser foot, but I had a little problem adjusting the needle position properly, so the lines are quite visible some places.

The fleece backing is folded to the front and pinned down, with mitred corners and all.

I am very pleased with the dark grey frame around the top. The fleece edge will stretch and move a bit under the walking foot, but that can be corrected with scissors. Did I tell how flexible and forgiving fleece is??

I do not like that the base of the fleece is much lighter than the nap though. It’s showing around the edges. Oh, well, we won’t notice after a week or two. The goal was to finish it by the February guild meeting, and so I will. Everyone that brings a finished heart block swap quilt will be in the drawing of 3 wonderful prizes. How I know? I attended my last board meeting Monday night. I have been looking forward to this 4th year on the board coming to an end, but I’ll miss it too. I have had a lot of fun, made some wonderful friends, learned a lot and got to know many guild members. Now it’s time to pass the torch to someone else…


  1. It looks really lovely. My local tk maxx was selling off big good quality fleece blankets and I was very tempted but my daughters quilt is next on the list and she wants a cotton backing.

    How big is it?

  2. Congratulations Nina on another finished. You should be proud, it's beautiful, simple but artful - Hugs Nat

  3. Nina, so wonderful. I was once on the Quilt Guild board writing the reviews of all the quilts. I enjoyed it but was glad when my time was over so I could really enjoy the Show and Tell time and not be frantically writing notes about each quilt.

  4. Looks wonderful! I bet it's super soft too!!

  5. Wonderful February finish. I hope you win a prize with that completion.

  6. I love this quilt! I am sure you will enjoy living with it too.

    I am on our quilt board and we are having such a difficult time getting people to step up and help. We are functioning without a president now because no one will step up. I ended up as vice president but I have not been in the guild even a year and I am having some struggles.

    Valentines Day!

  7. I love it. And I love the use of fleece for backing and how you carried it to the front, for a border. Excellent!


  8. Hi Nina Lise,

    Your quilt is gorgeous...and with that lovely fleece it will be snuggly warm too...not that I need that at the moment LOL

    Hugs, Sharon

  9. The Heart Quilt is striking. You did a great job choosing the fabric shades and putting it all together.

  10. Your work is beautiful. I have such trouble with quilts. I am very impressed.