Monday, 1 February 2010

Ready, set, sew

The instructions for the first round of piecing for Mrs Moen Spring Mystery 2010 are posted here, so grab your pieces and head over to the sewing machine!

You need to have signed up for the Mystery and gone through the acquired steps in Blogger to log in.
Sorry, the sign up is now closed unless
- you have received your invitation and not yet confirmed. Please do so within the next 24 hours; open invitations will be deleted after this.

- you have signed up by leaving a comment without a valid email address and not received an invitation. Please leave another comment to this post with a valid email address within the next 24 hours.

Please let me know if you have problems signing in. You can always contact me by email.

Have fun!


  1. I’m off to your instructions post! Thanks!

  2. Oh, Darn I missed the sign-up. Well Next time you do it I won't miss it. Have a good time!!! It will be fun to see what you make.

  3. I love the snow crusted bundles. Mine are starting to change a little, we had some rain in New England.
    You are getting alot of snow in Norway this year.
    We have friends in Sandnes and Stavanger so we get reports.
    Your quilting is beautiful. I too have a lot of
    "crap" and a very patient husband.
    Happy Monday.