Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Same World, Same Heart

Of all the comments on my OWOH giveaway post, one stood out. I decided that if she did not win the penguin quilt, I would make another one for her.

“Penguins in Snowstorm II”
This quilt goes to Elsie who wrote this amazing poem in her comment:

"We are standing in the cold and blowing snow,

And we three are the Penguins in Snowstorm, now I know!

We're frozen in place,

How fun and quite cute,

What a cool day,

In snowdrifts we play!

Hope I win, this treasured moment in time!"

Now I’ll send her the link to this post:-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Great poem and great penguins, love the swimsuit ones especially, they are so chic.

  2. Oh, how sweet of you, that is so very nice.

  3. Thank you very much, you are just so kind and I am absolutely delighted!!

    Your work is wonderful, and you made my day special with your surprise for me!

    With warm wishes, Elsie

  4. Awesome poem and an awesome quilt! You and Elsie are both very creative!

    hope your week is going great.

  5. Just a sweet gesture and such a wonderful comment!

    So you want poems in your commentry box... well that gives me something to ponder on!

  6. Oooh lucky Elsie! Your quilt is fab. Like nicolette above ...hmmmm, I've got until next OWOH to compose something - LOL.

  7. The lovely penguin quilt just arrived here (in the U.S. from Norway, what an exciting journey!)

    It is wonderful and reminds me of your kindness and generous heart, Nina Lise!

    Many, many thanks to you!