Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sew In No 1

I did get a bit of work done on my first Friday Night Sew In ever. I plugged the new sewing machine and rechargeable Ottlite daylight lamp in at our dining room table and took both for a test drive. No problems to report so far. The machine is missing some features like the possibility to adjust the pressure on the foot, but nothing I cannot live with in a spare machine.

Here are the things I worked on:

I put the binding on the “Nothing to wear” quilt from my Treasure Box and Should have-s list.

The binding is basted to the back (like I always do) and still needs hand stitching. I’ll also add the freehand quilted text.

Two more Big & Strong quilts ready for cutting threads and finishing the binding. I have heard the phrase Swimsuit Edition so many times, so I made a couple of “Big & Strong Swimsuit Edition” quilts for friends of mine.

I also made another “Penguins in Snowstorm” quilt as a surprise.

The three pink & blue quilts were on my Would have-s list.

All bindings are from the Big Bag of Binding.

The orange flowers from my Treasure Box were appliqu├ęd with various decorative (and some not so decorative) stitches on the new machine.
I finished the top, but cannot show it just yet.

I’m quite content with the progress; bug and all things considered.


  1. I love the "Nothing to Wear" quilt! How clever!

  2. Ohmigoshpenguins! I love these little critters, how adorable.

  3. Swimsuit edition....perfect! Love it.

  4. That was an incredibly productive evening!!! Your big & strong swimsuit edition....priceless. I just love your sense of humor and wit, Nina-Lise. Looking forward to seeing the appliqued flowers - I know it will be revealed soon because you are so quick getting things done!!

  5. Love all your quilts. You really got a lot done. Would like to see the finished Treasure Box. Love the colors there.

  6. wow Nina , you have been one busy girl. Everything looks great!

  7. You did a lot in one night. Glad you joined in. It was a lot of fun and this was my second sew-in and I now have two more new projects to add to my UFO! Hugs Nat

  8. I love your projects and the penguins made my night!

  9. You accomplished quite a bit during Sew In. I really like your nothing to wear quilt. So clever.

  10. Wow! So much achieved on a Friday night!

    Nothing to wear is a very sweet quilt!