Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sew In No 1

I did get a bit of work done on my first Friday Night Sew In ever. I plugged the new sewing machine and rechargeable Ottlite daylight lamp in at our dining room table and took both for a test drive. No problems to report so far. The machine is missing some features like the possibility to adjust the pressure on the foot, but nothing I cannot live with in a spare machine.

Here are the things I worked on:

I put the binding on the “Nothing to wear” quilt from my Treasure Box and Should have-s list.

The binding is basted to the back (like I always do) and still needs hand stitching. I’ll also add the freehand quilted text.

Two more Big & Strong quilts ready for cutting threads and finishing the binding. I have heard the phrase Swimsuit Edition so many times, so I made a couple of “Big & Strong Swimsuit Edition” quilts for friends of mine.

I also made another “Penguins in Snowstorm” quilt as a surprise.

The three pink & blue quilts were on my Would have-s list.

All bindings are from the Big Bag of Binding.

The orange flowers from my Treasure Box were appliquéd with various decorative (and some not so decorative) stitches on the new machine.
I finished the top, but cannot show it just yet.

I’m quite content with the progress; bug and all things considered.


  1. I love the "Nothing to Wear" quilt! How clever!

  2. Ohmigoshpenguins! I love these little critters, how adorable.

  3. Swimsuit edition....perfect! Love it.

  4. That was an incredibly productive evening!!! Your big & strong swimsuit edition....priceless. I just love your sense of humor and wit, Nina-Lise. Looking forward to seeing the appliqued flowers - I know it will be revealed soon because you are so quick getting things done!!

  5. Love all your quilts. You really got a lot done. Would like to see the finished Treasure Box. Love the colors there.

  6. wow Nina , you have been one busy girl. Everything looks great!

  7. You did a lot in one night. Glad you joined in. It was a lot of fun and this was my second sew-in and I now have two more new projects to add to my UFO! Hugs Nat

  8. I love your projects and the penguins made my night!

  9. You accomplished quite a bit during Sew In. I really like your nothing to wear quilt. So clever.

  10. Wow! So much achieved on a Friday night!

    Nothing to wear is a very sweet quilt!