Sunday, 14 March 2010

Japanese Birdies pattern Winners

What these have to do with pattern winners? Absolutely nothing.
However, they have everything to do with being an ex-chocoholic, diabetic, blogging quilter and meeting the nicest new friends in blogland.

I was talking to my friend Krista from Poppyprint about chocolate, and she tells me they have an amazing chocolatier who makes incredible things that are "no sugar added" in her town, and would I like some? Sure!! They arrived in my mailbox on Friday all the way from Canada, and knowing there was chocolate inside, I waited to open it until grandson was put to bed. As good as I am at sharing, this treat I will keep for myself! As you can see I took a bite before I got around to taking pictures. Yum-my!
She also sent me this adorable needle case as though she knew that I needed something pretty to keep my needles in, and Olympic stamps from Vancouver. Added: You'll find her tutorial here.
Thank you so much, Krista, this is the sweetest gift I have received (still no pun intended).

And now to the topic in the header - has done its magic and

Barbara is the winner of the English pattern and
Jette is the winner of the Norwegian pattern.

Congratulations to you both; and to the rest of you – thanks for playing along!


  1. Yummie yum. Hope it tastes as good as it
    looks. Needle case is darling.
    I was finally able to figure out
    how to load your table cloth challenge button.
    So now it is linked to your blog. This computer
    stuff is always a challenge that I muddle through.

  2. I was the lucky one winning the pattern for the Japanese birds – thanks a lot – I will enjoy sewing this in the future.

  3. Love that needle holder, adorable! Such nice gifts! Chocolate is always a great gift.

  4. congratulations winners and boy, that chocolate looks yummy...what a nice gift!

  5. Glad the customs agent didn't steal your yummy chocolate! There's a tutorial on my blog if any of you gals would like to make the needle only takes a few minutes. Honest!

  6. What a beautiful needle case. I may try making one.

  7. That is something I would not even share with my husband...heheee

  8. Congratulations to the winners!

    That chocolate looks delicious!