Sunday, 14 March 2010

Working with flimsies

This is my first experiment for the Table Cloth Challenge and one way to work with loosely woven fabric.

What I have usedA hand woven linen table cloth.

Fabric scraps for appliqué and background.

Stabilizer; I have used Vlieselin

Pillow form, 20”*20”

And what I have done
The table cloth was wide enough to go around the pillow including a generous overlap, so I cut a strip 20 ½” wide from the width of the cloth, and folded it to a 20” height. I put a couple of pins in the sides while I pressed the folds.
I drew the enlarged bird from the Japanese Birdies pattern and lots of circles onto fusible web, and made the appliqué pieces including a flower. I cut a piece of background fabric wide enough for the appliqué and a little shorter than the pillow and fused the appliqué shapes to the background.
I added a piece of fusible web to the back to secure it to the linen.
Then I moved it around on the front for the pillow until I was pleased with the result and fused it down.
I added stabilizer to the back of the linen
and pinned the layers together.
I used straight stitching to secure the background, the bird and the flower, and free motion stitched round the circles.
After cutting the threads and drawing the eyes, I stitched the side seams, turned the pillow case and slipped in the form.

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