Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wonderful Wednesday & Lutradur

I’ll be playing with my favourite photo and Lutradur today; I’ll just have to find out how I can iron the stuff.
The first black & white picture got stuck in the printer, but I like the effect.
The next picture in colours is great except for the folds.
I wonder how they will look sewn to a piece of table cloth…


  1. Cute photo, grandson and mom? I have not tried
    lutrador, but have read alot about it- now you have inspired me to think about trying it.
    If you keep this up you will need some more tablecloths.....

  2. Må prøve det Lutradur-greiene snart, men ikkje før etter konfirmasjonen i mai.
    Ville berre tipse deg om TAP, Transfer Artist's Paper. Du kan køyre det i printeren, eller teikne på det -. Du stryk det på stoffet ditt, og det kan både strykast(!!) og vaskast etterpå. Stoffet blir stivare - men slett kkje verst.

  3. Great photo and cool effects. I am not familiar with lutrador. Will have to look into that. Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

  4. What a wonderful photo moment.

  5. What a fun photo to play around with the Lutradur. It will be fun to see it stitched.

  6. The picture turned out great, I think! you can iron lutradur -- it's spun polyester, so you can iron it on the poly setting. I print on it a lot with my inkjet printer too. Love lutradur!

  7. What an adorable photo!!! I love what you have come up with. Anxiously awaiting your next project.