Monday, 10 May 2010

And we have a winner

Thank you all for your wonderful comments to my 200th post! I have been asking myself if I still would blog if there were no one reading it, and I might have (like keeping a quilting journal), but it definitely would not be this much fun. It is you guys that make the process so enjoyable, and I have made some wonderful new friends out here. So thank you for reading and thank you for commenting – you all know how much bloggers appreciate comments.-)

Now, to the winner of the 200th post giveaway; has done its magic once again and the lucky winner is No 8, Sharon (Stitches on Mars). Congratulations to Sharon, and to the rest of you – thanks for playing along! If anyone would like to share the secret on how to copy the generator image from into the post, I would really appreciate it; it looks way cooler than plain old boring text.

We have had a wonderful weekend. My sister’s birthday party was fun with 46 guests seated in every nook and cranny in her living- and dining room. She was very happy with all her friends (one even flew in from Nigeria) and gifts (including the quilted ones) end enjoyed her big day. She is this amazingly fit, social, independent and brilliant woman, and my goal is that I’ll be as fit (and maybe half as social) for my 50th in a couple of years.

Today it’s snowing and hailing again due to the volcano eruption on Iceland; I sure hope it will all be over soon…


  1. A very belated contratulations on your 200th post! And congratulations to Sharon for winning the Moo quilt.

    Snowing again? We have very chilly temperatures, maybe it’s also caused by the vulcano eruption.

    The only way I know to import the random number thing is to make a screen shot of it and import the picture into your blogpost.

  2. Hi Nina Lise,

    How wonderful...I just love that Moo quilt. I even had a moo point recently LOL

    Hugs, Sharon

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time with older sister. Snow and hail, ouch! We are cold too 3C this morning and the wood stove was lit
    up again, in May, ugh! Weather this Spring has been weird all around
    the world. Sharon is lucky to receive one of your quilts!

  4. Congratulations to Sharon!

    I'm glad your sister's party went well, sounds like fun.

    Hope your weather improves soon and that volcano settles down.

  5. Snow! Hail! Yikes. Glad to hear the party was a great success.

  6. How absolutely "mooverlous" for Sharon.

    Hope your weather clears up soon. We've been paying attention to the Icelandic volcanic weather in addition to our own :) We have gotten cold weather too but for us it's a blessing since it is helping the volunteers cleaning up after the flood.

  7. On the question - according to their website you can't put it directly on your website because you have to also have 3 radios tuned to a particular frequency. I tried it anyway on my test blog by right clicking on the generator and choosing view source. I then copied the source code and added a gadget to my blog using the HTML/Javascript choice and saving the copied source. It does put it right on your website but when you try to generate a number it just hangs up. So much for that LOL About all you can do is have a link.

  8. Congratulations to Sharon!!

  9. I feel the same about blogging. I'd probably do it anyway...but so much more fun to have quilt friends along on the journey.

  10. Congratulations to Sharon!
    I sure hope your weather straightens out, not fun to have snow, this late in the season.


  11. Congratulations to Sharon!
    Any chance you will be selling the Moo pattern/drawing? It's so adorable.