Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Making do: Thermo batting

Not even one week into my first Make Do Month I had to wing it batting wise.

I’m doing a demonstration of my blogging friend Lynda’s very cool hot pads for my guild next week, and she uses Insul-Bright in hers. The hot pads aren’t quilted, and the Insul-Bright stays in shape without being quilted and just needs a little ironing after wash.
Of course I don’t have any Insul-Bright, but I do have a Thermo batting with what looks like aluminium foil on one side.I haven’t met one person who likes this batting though as it’s difficult to quilt and the metallic layer comes loose and the batting itself crinkles up during washing if it's not heavily quilted
. In the spirit of making do, I am trying to work with this apparently horrible batting. So far I have spray basted an old sheet to the non-metallic side and quilted the layers together. The metallic has been dragged both this way and that, which will add a lovely little texture to the hot pads (just putting a positive spin on the result of not bothering to put on the walking foot here..).

Now I have two squares of approx 18”*18” quilted batting (enough for 8 hot pads) ready for the next step. I do however not recommend this yet as I have no idea how the batting will turn out after washing. I will let you know how it works out.

Thank you, Lynda for letting me use your hot pads!


  1. So many cool materials out there today for you to use in quilting projects, technology has taken over fiber! These will be quite fun
    and I am sure make great gifts...

  2. I've made those before and even coasters too. Super quick and easy to put together and it sure does make great gifts.

  3. I've made those before, too! I just used two layers of regular cotton batting, but way to Make Do!! I wonder if a Teflon sewing foot would help during quilting that metallic side?

  4. I need to make some more potholders and hot pads. I got the insul brite and used it in a few projects.