Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Hotpads galore

Step by step hot pads for tonight's guild meeting.
You'll find my Giveaway Day post a couple of posts down.


  1. a bloggy friend of mine MADE me some of these from lynda's tutorial, they are so cool. They held up perfectly under my baked mac and cheese last night!

  2. These are so sweet! You certainly have quite a few there my friend!
    Sewn all together they would make a lovely warm tent for a young fellow to play inside, just my wild imagination taking over. xox

  3. Nina Lise, your hotpads turned out fantastic. I really like the way you sewed the center down. I made a few with buttons in the middle too.

  4. Great colors and design! I wouldn't have thought of sewing the way you did.

  5. I like making hot pads, great way to practice quilting too.
    I would love to make the type where you put scented stuff inside, so it smells nice when something hot is on it. I still haven't figured out what they use and where to buy it.