Friday, 11 June 2010

Task of the day, June 11

Words for my 1 of 10 quilt. I have known for quite a while which words I wanted to add, but there are too many of them. I need to cut some, but which ones? Right now I have 2 separate sentences with no connection between them at all. Maybe that’s ok. I’ll see how they grow on me.

The whole having to add a strip of fabric to get the right dimensions worked out so well on this quilt. I love the sharp Lutradur words against the organic looking fabrics, just like it looked in my mind.
The strike is over and grandson is back in his kindergarten. Although I miss having him around, it’s nice to get back to work. It’s a grey and dreary day here, so no tempting sunshine to mess up my plans.

What will you be doing today?


  1. I do admire your skill and ease with which you put together all your amazing quilts, which are not just quilts, but works of art.

    It's very overcast here at the moment - with rain forecast for later. Looks like I'll be staying in then - with a pile of ironing :(
    However, weather forecast is good for tomorrow so it's not all bad!

  2. Nice idea for thinking of words to add.