Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wabi Sabi Apron

A while ago my wonderful friend Corrine at dosfishes, had a giveaway and the prize was her entry to the Table Cloth Challenge, the Wabi Sabi Apron. If you (like me) are not quite sure what wabi-sabi means, you’ll find an explanation here. Anyway, I was the lucky winner of Corrine’s drawing and last week the apron and other goodies landed in my mailbox (click on the picure to see more pictures).

Corrine says she’s not a seamstress (although I know for a fact that she’ll sew anything, including pieces of bark, to her work), but she is indeed a brilliant artist and master of colours, so this apron is a cheerful work of art. I immediately put it on and danced around our house and grandson looked at me and asked if I should cook. Like I would have been that happy about plain old cooking, well maybe in my new apron…

She also sent more pieces of vintage kimono silk and a box of tiny cloth pins.
Thank you so much, Corrine, you sure know how to brighten up my day!!


  1. How fun and the fabric is gorgeous!

  2. Love the apron and little gifts!

  3. So glad you are enjoying it!!!!!! Thanks for the loving words. xox Corrine

  4. Oh what wonderful goodies! The thought of you dancing around in your apron made me smile!