Monday, 5 July 2010

Card in progress - or not

My dad will be 75 on Wednesday. Now, the plan was to celebrate him in August when he would be well recovered from his surgery, but you know, plans change. Instead of 2 weeks in bed, he was up and walking by himself after 2 days, and was transported to his local hospital in an ambulance yesterday with a promise that he would could be at home on leave on his birthday. Everyone is amazed about his recovery; he does after all have a 10” incision in his spinal cord. Anyway, how can I not be there on his birthday and how can I not bring something handmade and what can I make that only takes a couple of hours?? Of course I’ll be there, and I’ll bring daughter and grandson as well. Husband has to stay home and take care of business.

Now to the handmade something; I was thinking a wall hanging type of card using felt (very timesaving, no binding needed). I was working on this yesterday morning, but blaaaah; nothing’s right. I think I’ll cut out the Lutradur pop art picture and print another less colourful one; it’s just too much going on! I’ll also add a piece of dark felt to frame the whole thing.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers for both of us; they were highly appreciated! Some of you had questions about my prayer flags, and you can read about the origin here. I knew of them as my parents have travelled in Nepal, and was reminded of them by my friend Corrine’s post. What meaning and thought you might put into yours would be up to you, but to me it was a comforting and healing process. They still hang outside in my tree.-)


  1. I am so happy that your father is doing so well! Those prayer flags must have some great powers. You look so much alike...same wonderful smile. Enjoy your visit with him and give him a big hug from all your blogging friends.

  2. So happy Dad is such a hale and hearty fellow to recover like that. He must have a wonderful zest for life, his smile in the pictures indicates this. I love your quilt card and I am sure he will too, just that you are there.xox Corrine

  3. Speedy recovery to your father! I'm happy he's doing well so soon after the surgery. I'm sure he'll love whatever you make for him! A quilt card is a great idea.

  4. Great news! I love the photo of your father - he looks like a very happy person and of course reminds me of you!

  5. anne from finland6 July 2010 at 06:55

    Happy Birthday to your father! I am happy he is recovering so soon!!! I think he loves your card quilt.

  6. wow!
    great recovery!!
    happy birthday to your father! don't worry to much with the card and it will come up nice, otherwise you only stress and turn unhappy!
    I didn't know the prayers flags either!