Saturday, 7 August 2010


My mind is totally blank; there’s nothing in there and I just want to sleep. I have been dragging my lazy body and soul to the gym the required 3 times this week though, the Monday Zumba class, a Basic Pilates class and a Makeover class. The Makeover class was one of the most exhausting, painful and fantastic hour I have spent sweating this year, and I’ll definitely be back in spite the fact that I’m sore pretty much everywhere today. If I’m not mistaken I’ll feel even worse tomorrow so I’m really looking forward to that.

I made it through three Make Do Months minus 3 days before I cracked. Why I couldn’t wait for 3 more days I do not know, but I believe it was a massive attack of post-holiday-restlessness or stress (whichever sounds like the best excuse). The first buy was fabric I need for some new class samples, but as soon as I broke that barrier I could not drive fast enough to my favorite thrift shop and get lost in the table cloth/fabric/ linen department. Oh well, almost 3 months of no shopping is worth celebrating with a little shopping, don’t you agree? I’m not done with the Make Do Months though; just taking a little break.

Hope to be back with some more brain/hand activity – soon…


  1. I can't see you "dragging" anywhere! 3 exhausting exercise classes in a week is amazing. I can't even get motivated to walk on the treadmill. I've even thought of getting one of those big balls to sit on while I'm at the computer and count that as excercise. I've heard it is really good for you. Dpes "thinking" about excercise count?

  2. No fabric shopping for almost three months... WOW!

    I started to work out again at the gymn as well and it makes me feel good in spite of all the sore muscles.

  3. Good for you. I know that when the blank wall in my brain hits, some exercise does good things to release all that built up yuck. Soon there will be thousands of projects coming from you studio and we will not be able to keep up! xox Corrine

  4. Exercise is a must but so hard to keep up, I know. I try to go 3 times a week but I mostly do 2! Very necessary and very good for us, but so hard!!! Glad you got new fabrics! Nothing more fun that that!