Saturday, 28 August 2010


I have unraveled the top half of the almost finished jacket for grandson. Now I have all these fun little balls with wavy yarn.
This was already a scrap project, and now the process of extending the body and sleeves will probably make it even scrappier.
I’ll use the wrong side out so I get this effect which I like very much.
I love knitting stripes; each stripe goes very quickly and you can literary see the project growing. I’m looking forward to do a little knitting in the evenings and finally finish this project.


  1. It doesn't take you long to get moving in a big way. Fun dress quilt, I love that pattern and the sweater jacket, he will look so cute with his blond, blond hair....xox Corrine

  2. Så koselige farger, blir nok god og varm til vinteren. Ønsker det en god helg :-)

  3. Love your scrappy sweater, i love creating striped things, its so much fun to get to the next stripe!!

  4. I need to come stay with you and have you teach me how to knit! Your work is beautiful...and it looks so hard. I'm a beginner at the craft of knitting....quilting is my passion...but I am so interested in the whole industry of knitting even down to the goats and sheep farms.
    You are so talented!