Friday, 3 September 2010

15 minutes

I’m a part of Bumble Bean’s 15 Minutes Play, and although I’m a late starter and not getting around to it every day, here’s what a couple of days of 15 minutes have produced so far

Sorted scraps

A bouquet of pieced strips
A friend of mine is going to be a grandmother this fall, so I’m thinking a baby quilt. Babies love all those little scraps almost as much as I do...


  1. It's amazing what 15 minutes can produce. I often give myself 15 minutes to clean up the sewing least one small section! I always seem to get sidetracked at thinking what could I make with that piece of fabric. Have you made an "Eye Spy" quilt for a baby? Some are difficult but my favorite is just putting different blocks together and when the baby is a little older Mommy and Baby can look for different things in the fabrics. My grandkids have loved this game.

  2. You can do a lot in fifteen minutes if you put your mind to it! Good job!

  3. My next door neighbor is having her first child and I really wanted to make the baby a quilt but life has gotten in the way. You may have inspired me to start it anyway...They are pretty much just a lump for a couple months anyway. :)

  4. Det är just det som är lyckan med ett eget syrum. Det är bara att knäppa på strömmen och sy en stund......varje dag!

  5. Can't wait to see where your 15 minutes leads! New ideas always pop up when I give myself that play time!

  6. I always sew a baby quilt/blanket whenever I know someone who is having a precious bundle of love.

    Enjoy you day and dance a little...