Monday, 18 October 2010

Binding Day

It’s time to get those bindings on the Christmas on Earth samples and I have been ironing bindings for what seems like hours. If you’re a member of Rogaland Quiltelag and looking for pictures of the quilts they will be posted here on Tuesday and Wednesday with the bindings basted on. I will bring them all to the guild meeting on Wednesday together with the supply list.

My serenity has been somewhat disturbed lately due to extensive roadwork in our street.
I’m not sure they stopped at all the first night as the last I heard of them was at 1 in the night and then at 5 the next morning. After a few days I have managed to block the noise out and only notice it when it’s gone. I’ll probably not be able to do that when they start chiselling in our yard, but until then it’s fine. The more they work every day the sooner they’ll finish and we’ll get our garden, parking space and accessibility back.

Have a wonderful Monday; I’ve got to start stitching...


  1. Love those bindings Mrs Moen!
    I hope they finish the roadwork soonest!

  2. It's difficult when the world intrudes, eh! Doesn't seem to be slowing you down though. xox Corrine

  3. That really is extensive road work! I find doing bindings very thinking...just mindless tiny stitches.

  4. we have some construction going on near-by and it is a constant battle to not get too stressed. the fence should be finished soon.

    binding...sound like my needle felting. no thinking just doing it and letting my mind wander.

    enjoy your evening.