Thursday, 21 October 2010

Challenge anyone?

I think it’s about time for a little challenge and am therefore inviting you all to participate in Mrs Moen Napkin Challenge.
Now this is not my idea, we did one in our guild a while back and it was so much fun that I thought you might enjoy it as well. The idea is very simple: to find inspiration from a napkin. With the holidays creeping up on us you might make it seasonal or you may choose any other colour scheme and design you like. You can see my napkin-inspired quilt here.

The keyword here is inspiration: use the colour combo, the design, whatever you like from your napkin and translate it into your medium of choice. Appliqué it, piece it, paint it, glue it, embroider it, knit it - fabric, fibre, plastic, canvas or paper - it’s up to you.

I raided the napkin isles at the grocery stores before our guild’s challenge and have a few great candidates for a little Christmas quilt. I will make 2 quilts from whichever napkin I choose; one for myself and one for one of the participants in the challenge. I’ll draw the lucky winner on December 1st, the deadline for this challenge.

- Everyone is welcome to join in.
- Sign up by leaving a comment to this post.
- Go napkin hunting, and yes, this is an excuse to stash up on glorious napkins for future inspiration.
- Make something inspired by the napkin; it does not need to involve fabric or stitching of any kind.
- Post a picture of your napkin AND finished project on your blog at December 1st and link up to the Challenge post of the day.

If you don’t have a blog and would like to participate you can email me pictures of your project and napkin by December 1st and I’ll add them to the post.

Copy the button to your blog to spread the word if you like; the more the merrier.
Have fun!


  1. This looks like fun! I'm off to search for inspiration.

  2. I'm in....I've been looking for something to challenge my creativity (or see if it even exists!). Thanks.....will start searching for napkins. Peace....

  3. I'm in too...I just participated in a napkin exchange and have tons of inspiration at my's just a matter of deciding which napkin to choose!

  4. That looks like a whooooole lot of fun. I'll put the link up at my blog then do some looking around for a napkin. Love your elves one.

  5. Well I do think it's fun but I don't know of I will be able to keep with the deadline! :P
    Neverthless I spread the word and post about it:

  6. I would like to play along. I need to challenge myself so this should be fun and interesting. The button's on my blog:)

  7. It sounds like a fun project. I'm in and the button and link are now on my blog.

  8. This sounds like fun, and I think I will find time to make a small project. I'm in!

  9. Sounds like fun. I have a thing for napkins. So count me in. I placed your button on my sidebar.

  10. I've just been to two of your challengees..guess that's a word...(mine anyway)and loved what they did with the napkin challenge. Really good idea.