Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Make An Appliqué pattern

I’m drawing little sketches and illustrations everywhere and onto everything so I use this technique when I transfer them into appliqué patterns. I have used a napkin for this tutorial but be careful about copyrights though.

You’ll need
- A motif; any kind of picture, napkin, illustration, children’s art or drawing would do fine.
- A fine tip permanent marker, like a CD marker
- A sheet of film for copy machines or see-through plastic folder. My sheets come with a protective paper on the back.
- Copy machine for enlarging the pattern

If your motif is a picture you might want to copy it onto paper and mark the lines on the photo first.

Slip the motif under the film.
Draw along all lines of the motif leaving out small details that will only clutter up your pattern. I write an R on this right side.
Now the pattern is ready to use, either on the right side for a mirrored image appliqué or flip it over to the wrong side to make the motif the “right” way.
Draw dotted lines where the appliqué pieces will overlap if you prefer.

It’s easier to transfer the appliqué pieces onto fusible web if you use a paper copy, the film is quite slippery.

Use a copier to enlarge the pattern if you like; my pattern is 130% of the motif and on the wrong side.
Now you can make your motif into a small quilt, or make several blocks for a bigger piece.

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  1. Thankyou for this tutorial. Using a plastic folder is such a good idea. I collect childrens colouring books (as the drawings are always simple outlines) and use those for my applique patterns.