Monday, 25 October 2010

Sneak peeks

of my new community project in the start pit; don’t worry, you’ll see more of it than you ever knew you wanted to.
Thanks for all your kind offers to send me pressing mats; that is so sweet of you! I do however own several silicone/Teflon sheets and also use a lot of baking paper when I’m working with fusible web. This Thing was bought for the sole purpose to shield fabric from yellowing and those annoying shiny spots I sometimes get on dark solids while pressing seams. See? Sure it prevents shines, scorch and flattening; your iron gets unusable...

As to my much beloved thimbles; they are called Jelly Thimbles and come in 3 sizes and several yummy colours. I got mine at Kaktus Quilts, but you can also find them through here.

I thought you also might like to see my currently favourite commercial. For those of you who do not read Norwegian it says “It’s smart when you’re young - to think about that you one day will get old” (ad for pension insurance).

I just love the lyrics with the images of people expressing who they are. I too am what I am, you know, and My Own Special Creation includes a little clutter here and there (and pretty much everywhere), some excess weight, lots of smiley wrinkles, my loving family and lots and lots of quilts. No tattoos though.


  1. Ja, dette ser spennende ut - du får det til å boble i hodet på meg :-) Må passe litt på armene mine nå så får nok bare la det boble så lenge. Ønsker deg en kreativ og fin uke.

  2. Where to start? First, love the fuzzy yarns and little hearts for your community project. Can't wait to see more and more. 2nd, the tatoo video was so funny. 3rd, I'm quite happy with my own creation too. Sometimes get a little tired of looking at that older woman looking back at me from the mirror, but all in all I'm quite happy to be me.

  3. I wish I was brave enough to get a tattoo. I want one. A sewing one.