Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Vestlandstreff, Day 1

The pictures from the weekend retreat are safely downloaded to my computer together with the pictures of my yarn samples. Being Blogtoberfest and all and having looo-hots of pictures, I have decided to break them up into several posts. I’m afraid the indoors pictures from the weekend are a bit blurry, dark and unfocused like they were taken in the dark in a hurry in an afterthought - which they are.-)
This is “Luscious pinks” (luscious is not the right word but now it’s written in permanent ink on the back of the quilt so there you go, these pinks are luscious), the Playing with yarn class sample from this post. The quilting does make all the difference between little yarn nests and colourful flowers.The light is changing quickly these days as you can see from the before and after hand stitching binding shots.
Moving on... My suitcases, bags, yarns, Christmas samples, quilted flowers, favourite outfits, sugar free snacks and I had a totally wind, wave and problem free trip to Haugesund on Friday. I left home early to beat the fall break traffic, the weather magically changed from rain and wind to nothing but blue skies; the trip was just perfect.
Haugesund is north of Stavanger and you have to cross one of our famous fjords to get there. The road goes through tunnels under water and bridges over water and with a ferry ride in the middle, all connecting lots of islands to the main land. It so beautiful; the North Sea is right out there.

Even the view from my hotel window was beautiful overlooking Karmsundet and a very cool bridge.

I spent Friday night shopping (surprise, surprise), setting up my class room with the help of my friend Marit (thanks, Marit!), catching up, dining, and attending a lecture, all together with good friends from my guild and friendly little quilting group and a huge group of great quilters.


  1. LOVE the flower quilt - that is really amazing!

  2. Lovely pinks. And the view to the sea, ah. Looks like you had a wonderful time. xox Corrine

  3. The lucious pinks is just that....lucious. Did you think of this idea? So much fun. Love the view from your hotel room. What a beautiful place.

  4. Your little mini is fantastic! I love the colors, the texture, the pink and the flowers. It's absolutely beautiful!

  5. Hey, there is a handsome man at your table! Obviously I am not organizing my quilting retreats properly.

    Your yarn flowers quilt is amazing!