Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Vestlandstreff, Day 2

Another flower arrangement for the Playing with yarn class, “Bluebells & Whistles” from this post.
I got up early on Saturday morning, ate a bigger-than-usual breakfast (hey, how often do I stay at hotels) and was ready for my Mix & Match for Christmas class. A few spare minutes in the morning are precious so I was happy the classroom was set up already.

The class was full, 12 lovely ladies lugging most of their sewing rooms with a little kitchen ware added to the mix. The room was filled with colours, fabric and chatting; and I had a wonderful time guiding everyone through their projects.Although my feet get tired, teaching quilting classes is so much fun and inspiring and I learn a lot every time. My students seemed happy and everyone finished their tops. Hopefully they (i.e. the tops) will become full grown quilts that will adorn someone’s home this Christmas and not languish in the corner of dark closets with ugly fabrics won at guild raffles, batting scraps once intended for Easter ornaments and other forgotten UFOs. Thanks, ladies, for making my day so enjoyable!

I had an hour between class and dinner so I slipped into my PJs and crawled into bed with a little light reading and my cell phone alarm set, you know just in case. I made it to the dining room in time but without my ticket, had to go back and get it and thus arrived too late together with another teacher who also forgot his ticket. Oh well, live and learn – always bring the appropriate tickets!

The food was tasteful and there was plenty of it. I got my mushroom free main course (allergies) and sugar free dessert (fruit salad), and the entertainment was entertaining until one of the members of a gentlemen’s choir fell off the stage during exit because there was nothing (like a wall or a hand rail which you would have expected) behind the backdrop by the stairs.

Except for that; great day, great day!!


  1. I love what you're doing with this!

  2. Beautiful Nina Lise. I just wish I could take your class! What fun that would be.


  3. I love it. beautiful colors. I have a giveaway on my blog, you are welcome....

  4. sounds like all is going well. i would love to take a class from you but i am afraid i live too too far away so i will just continue to follow your wonderful blog. i love all you do with fabric and color and texture.

  5. With your great sense of humor and fun projects I'm sure everyone had a great time. I too would love to take a class from you. My chances of ever getting to Norway are pretty slim tho.