Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I have no idea what happened to November or where it did go, but tomorrow it’s December so I guess it passed by as I was sleeping or dreaming of warm places. It’s so cold that I’m spending the evenings tucked into so many layers of fleece and wool that I feel like a hibernating porcupine. And I’m knitting. Knitting little wool things to keep us warm for the next few weeks. My knitting fever comes and goes. Last time it was seen around here was 4 years ago when I was knitting baby blankets and baby clothes by the mile and 7 years ago when I knitted and crocheted no less than 10 shawls during a long fall season.

Grandson’s mittens always seem to get lost somewhere between where he is and where he was 2 minutes ago (which could be anywhere), so I’ve been knitting some thick scrap yarn mittens that no one can take home by mistake.
We don’t have any snow yet but a massive ice sculpture outside our house. Our water that is temporarily going through a hose on our lawn froze the other day despite the ever running water in our bathroom, and to prevent that happening again they cut a slit in the hose. The water spray freezes and builds up a giant modern sculpture – and an icy slip & slide for all the kids to enjoy.


  1. Love those blues. I know I cherish my nepalese wool fleece lined mittens when it's cold! xox Corrine

  2. Love your mits. They are gorgeous, but don't tell your grandson that I said that.
    When we were young our Grandma made our mittens with long (crocheted) "string" attached to them and then we threaded them through our sleeves so they stayed with our coats. No way to lose them unless we lost our coat, too. It worked really well.
    <3 terri

  3. Was just going to tell you about strings for the mittens when I saw Terri's comment above. It works!

  4. The mittens are wonderful, but oh, what a mess they've made in front of your house! Looks dangerous, too.

  5. darling mittens.
    wow...amazing ice sculpture.
    stay warm and cozy.