Monday, 29 November 2010

A Timmy Quilt?

We have had a rather peaceful weekend here at the Mrs Moen household. Grandson got sick and had to be picked up in kindergarten on Friday morning, and except for a trip to the ER and an hour of grocery shopping, I have stayed indoors for 3 days. With such lovely company I don’t mind at all, it’s the worrying-by-night that’s exhausting. When he was 2 he got ill while we were at our cabin and I experienced the scariest hours of my life riding with an unconscious little boy in my arms to the local ER and an hour long ride in the back of an ambulance with sirens and blue lights to hospital. In hindsight I don’t think I have done a very good job on processing it because when he gets a high fever I get worried even though we take all the required precautions.

Anyway, he got all better by Sunday morning and we did a little painting, lots of building stuff, beading, puzzling and reading, all squeezed into a short day.

So, I have watched a lot of kiddie TV during the weekend with the British children’s TV show “Timmy time” as one of my favourites. It’s about a 3 year old lamb that goes to kindergarten with all his friends and does everything children do at that age. It’s sweet and so funny, fantastically well made with incredible colours and details. On the floor there’s this beautiful patched rug which I think could be made into a great Timmy Quilt. I picture a little circular pastel quilt on my coffee table, oh yes, that would look very nice indeed...


  1. ooooh yes - I can see that as a quilt too. How gorgeous. Hope the wee man is well and truly on the mend now. Ciao

  2. Isn´t that really astonishing, that the little ones get the worst illnesses or injuries on weekend or during vacation?
    I can tell, since my little one is also used to be transported to the ER. The worst thing happened, while we were on vacation in the Netherlands. He (2 years at this time) fell off the sofa and landed with his forehead on the hard flagging. Blood everywhere, boy crying, nobody knew, where the next hospital were, during the car-ride he fell asleep - or was it unconsciousness?

    Thanks heaven, it was only a big laceration, that was glued together (3 adults holding a 2 years old boy...).

    I remember this horror very well, so be sure of my full compassion for you and the little sweety.

    Hope he´s feeling better now.

    Can´t wait to see that little rug on your table!


  3. The poor boy looks so sick and tired in the first picture. The wonderful thing with young kids is that they usually recover quickly, like the second picture shows. I have had my share of ER time with my son, so I can imagine your feelings. All the best for you all!

  4. It's always scary, fevers, coughing and the emergency room. I'm glad to see he's fine, playing is such a nice way to spend the weekend. I love the colors in that Timmy quilt, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. Oh Nina-Lise, I'm so sorry your grandson got so sick. What a scare. But you did all the right things and high fever does need to be taken seriously. I'm very happy he is doing better.



  6. Glad to hear grandson is on the mend, and I agree, a little Timmy quilty would be adorable.

  7. It is amazing how the little ones can scare us so much! My daughter is four and still scares me occasionally when ill.

  8. He's such an adorable little boy! It is so scary when they're sick. Glad he's better!