Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New gadget

Today is the last day of my 3-day diabetes class where I’m learning how to be a diabetic. A good one that is. We are taught about blood sugar, exercise, what to eat or more like what not to eat, medication (working at staying away from those with all my being) and last but not least, how to use our fingers as pincushions using this fancy little gadget.

I’m embarrassed carrying this black nylon pouch around being a quilter and all. I will make myself a happy one as soon as I learn to master that third dimension. Do you think there is a pattern for a blood-sugar-o-meter-with-stash-holder out there?


  1. If there isn’t a pattern, I’m sure you will design one and make other diabetic quilters happy with writing a pattern! Good luck!

  2. Both of my grandmothers had diabetes, so I'm sure it's in my future at some point. I'm the type to avoid meds too - and it can be done as I know some who've done it. Make everything from scratch so you can control the ingredients.

  3. welcome to the club... I would love to see a tute to cover my ugly black case...

  4. I just found out 3 weeks ago that I am diabetic. My vision was very blurry after getting new glasses, they were great at first but after about a month I convinced myself the optometrist had made a terrible mistake. To my shock my vision had changed 60% in a month, he sent me right to my dr. my blood sugar was 432! They started me right away on metformin which has already had to be doubled. I have had a diabetes survival class with meal planning. My #'s are getting better too. One of my first thoughts was to make a really cute little case for my meter, but havent done that yet. Maybe we should start a blood sugar case challenge!!! I would not know how to do that, do you???
    Best of luck with your blood sugar, I know the hand of God sent me with blurry vision to the eye Dr and then to family Dr. My A1C was 10.7 really scary!
    My this was long!
    Happy Quilting

  5. I've been diabetic for over 11 years... I'm used to the pricking and take insulin and pills. BS #s are occassionally normal. I just tell everyone that I'm extra sweet... nobody believes me, though.
    I don't carry the meter everywhere. Just take your numbers in different situations for a while, to see how different things affect you. Eat right, and if you feel sweaty, dizzy and tired EAT SOMETHING! (That is the best thing about being diabetic, they want you to eat!)
    Best thing I learned was to eat protien with your charbohydrates - every time. The protein helps the charbs to digest more slowly so there are no spikes in the #s. Keep away from stress... that can make your #s jump, too. I went to lots of classes.
    <3 Terri

  6. Looking forward to seeing your gadget holder! After all my moaning about finger stabbing I'm sorry to hear that's exactly what you'll be doing and a thimble won't be of any use. Take care.

  7. Since there is a pattern out there for almost everything today, I am sure someone has one that will do. Keep zumba-ing and taking care of
    yourself like you do. xox Corrine

  8. I had diabetes when I was pregnant! Not fun. I starved (or I felt like that). Best wishes for your health!