Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Real challenge

I decided to take the Napkin Challenge to the next level and use colours I don’t usually (read never ever) work with. Going through my Treasure Box I found a stack of blocks made a couple of Christmases ago and then tucked away. I won a few charm packs in earthy Christmas tones at a raffle and thought they would make ok Christmas table runners. I cut them into 4 ½”*2 ½ rectangles and paired them up with strips of the only fabric I had that would kind of sort of work.
Obviously I did not love the result enough to finish the projects and now they are little treasures kick-starting my challenge projects. To complete the crooked picture I also dug out 2 fat quarters which match the colour scheme perfectly.

This is going to be fun and far, far, far away from my usual bright colours.-)

I have also signed up for Finn's New Year Eve's Challenge again, and this will be one of the 4 projects I hope to finish in 2010. Two birds and one stone...


  1. I went back and peeked in your Treasure Box, love the idea that its not Leftovers or UFOs as much as Treasure to be worked with!
    I also, am not fond of the colors you showed. But someone will love them, can't wait to see what they become! Hugs, Finn

  2. My challenge at the moment is finding a napkin that will work for the challenge. The only "maybe" one I have would make a great whole cloth :)