Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I will, December 14th

embellish two more Happy Holiday Houses, adding a little more fluffy yarn, buttons and whatnots.

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I fell back in love with the old houses while I was making a Happy House block for Beth’s neighborhood. I have looked at the other houses she has received for the block lottery and this block just might stand out a wee bit, but well, she did say any technique. The stamped tree was a new experiment, and although the paint makes the fabric rather stiff, I’m very happy with the result.

I wanted so badly to add a little more bling here and there, but had to stop myself as the block might get pieced into a quilt and too many embellishments can make this process annoying. Like a cute little button snowman. So, I made more Happy Holiday Houses on which I can embellish my little heart out.

#1 was finished on Friday just in time for the recipient stopping by; I would have loved to add more stuff, but I ran out of time.I used a piece of ribbon for hanging thinking that my Keith Haring paper clips could do with a rest.
Maybe it was for the best, more is not always better, is it.


  1. Your Happy Holiday Houses are fantabulous!

  2. Lovely. I like the addition of the little snowman :)

  3. Sweet, love the little button snowman.....xox Corrine

  4. How super cute is this?!? Thanks for the chance to win.